Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown now! I’ve finished my last day at work for 4 whole weeks and now all I have to worry about is packing my suitcase!

I even went out today and got my nails done for my trip (yes, I’m one of those girls haha!) But they look great so I’m very happy!

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I’m so excited – I’ve got another trip to look forward to this year!

My friend Rebecca and I have just booked a short trip across the ditch to Melbourne in November. We’ll only be going for three nights but I’m really excited because I’ve never been to Melbourne before.

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Next Trip!

About a month after I had been home from my trip, the travel bug started kicking in again and I started thinking about how much I wanted to go back to the states and also to Canada.

I mentioned this to my family and my brother said that he also wanted to go to Canada and that was all I needed to hear to start planning. Originally, we planned on doing two Contiki tours which would cover both sides of Canada and a bit of the US as well. But, this was going to cost far more than I would be able to afford so soon after my last big trip. So we settled on just one trip – Eastern Escapade.

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92 Days and Counting…

92 days until I’m on a plane to Los Angeles!

The countdown is on. It’s scary actually because I’ve been planning this trip for soo long that I constantly have the mindset that I’ve still got ages to save and get stuff organised.. but I really don’t. I get paid 6 more times before I leave, and the saving is not going as well as I would have hoped. So now I’m signed up for overtime at work and on a budget!

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