EU Quest – Day 1

Friday 9th September

Today my alarm went off at 4.30am – so early! I was a bit nervous about starting the tour, but I dragged myself out of bed to get dressed and finish packing before heading downstairs to check out of the hotel and meet up with our Contiki Crew and the rest of our group. There were 3 Contiki tours all departing London this morning so there were a lot of people around the courtyard. A Contiki crew member advised that our bags would be weighed first, and then we would be split up into our tour groups to wait for the coaches to arrive. Bags had to be under 20kg – some people were frantically pulling stuff out of their bags to meet the limit! Luckily, I came in at about 18kg.

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Day 5 in London

Thursday 8th September

First priority today was to get my laundry done – the hotel offers a same-day service for 15 pounds. It was a bit pricey but it was to easy and convenient to pass up – I didn’t want to waste time on my last day in London at a laundromat. I dropped my laundry off at housekeeping then went to breakfast. After breakfast, I went to buy a carry-on suitcase to hold all my shopping from the day before, because there was no way I could take it with me on my Contiki, especially with their 20kg luggage limit. I planned to leave the suitcase at the hotel and pick it up when I arrived back in London after my tour.

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Day 4 in London

Wednesday 7th September

Today I woke up finally over the jetlag! I managed to sleep in for a bit then had a late breakfast. I had no set plans for the day so I decided to catch the bus over to Oxford Street to do some shopping. As I’d already caught the bus to Oxford street a few days ago, I already knew exactly which bus to get on and the buses in London come so frequently, I didn’t have to wait long.

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Day 3 in London – Harry Potter Studio

Tuesday 6th September

I was awake at 6am again – hopefully the jet lag was nearly over! I quickly got ready and ate breakfast before catching the tube to Victoria. I used the Citymapper app to navigate the tube – it made it so much easier to figure out which line to get on, where to change and which direction to go in – I highly recommend downloading it (it’s available on Android and Apple).

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Day 2 in London

Monday 5th September

The plan today was to meet Jason at midday so we could have a relaxing morning after our full on sightseeing day yesterday – however, I was awake at 6am (thanks jet lag!). I got up slowly and got dressed, then headed downstairs for breakfast. Back in my room and chilling when I realised I was out of foundation (panic for me haha).

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Day 1 in London

I arrived in London in the afternoon of Saturday 3rd September – after getting through security at Heathrow, I bought my Oyster card and jumped on the tube – the Piccadilly line to Russell Square, the closest tube station to my hotel (the Royal National Hotel). The Royal National is a huge hotel but very basic – I had a single room which is pretty small but big enough for me. After checking in to the hotel, I grabbed some food and a sim card from Three then went straight to bed.

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6 days…

6 days and counting.. it kind of hit me today that I’m actually going so soon! Although it won’t really feel real until I’m checked in and waiting to board the plane.

I probably won’t post again before I go and whilst on my tour, I’m not expecting to have time to write full blog posts for each day of my tour, so I’ll probably do what I did the last two times and write everything up and upload my photos once I’m back home – I’m carrying a travel journal with me though and planning to at least write in that every day so I don’t forget what I did each day!

For those following me, I’ll try and update my facebook page and this blog every few days with short updates and I’ll definitely be uploading photos to instagram too, so follow me there if you don’t already!



My trip to Europe is fast approaching – less than 2 months to go until I depart now! As you may remember from this post, I am doing the European Quest Contiki in Europe and had also booked on the London Uncovered tour before the European Quest begins. However, slightly bad news – Contiki decided to cancel the London Uncovered tour as there wasn’t enough people booked on it (even though it was a Definite Departure and not supposed to be cancelled haha).

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