Photo Gallery

To finish up my posts about my trip, I thought I’d add a gallery of some of the hundreds of photos I took while on the trip. I’m no expert photography by a long shot, so these are your standard tourist point&shoot photos but I think they’ll still fire up the wanderlust.

(Click on a photo to bring up the slideshow)

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Day 6 – San Francisco

For our last day in San Francisco, we had nothing specific planned. Tonight, we would be going on our Contiki-included Sunset Catamaran Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. But for our last day, us girls (Courtney, Sam, Ash, Kellie, Sarah and me) thought it might be some time for some shopping. Shopping in America is incredible – everything is so cheap. To top it off, Macy’s was having a huge sale (I think it was for Labor Day or some other holiday). It was also a good way to see some of the city. Continue reading

Day 5 – Part 2 – California Academy of Sciences

After Alcatraz, it was time for a visit to a place I was really excited to go to – California Academy of Sciences. This is a Contiki Optional, but surprisingly, not many people were interested in going. This was one of the optionals that I knew I wanted to do even before our trip started, and luckily Ash and Sam decided they were keen to visit too.

The Academy is located in Golden Gate Park – we had to take a taxi to get here because it seemed too complicated to get there with public transport. Be warned that getting a taxi out front of the Academy after you finish is near impossible! Continue reading

Day 5 – Part 1 – Alcatraz

I’m gonna break this post into two parts, because I did a lot on this day!

The first part is going to be about Alcatraz.Β This is not something that Contiki offers, so we had to book this well in advance (you have to book for the specific day and the specific time and it usually books out weeks in advance). We booked our tickets through Alcatraz Cruises – it’s the only official website to book tickets through. We booked the Early Bird tour so that we would have time to do something else on the same day.

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Day 4 – San Francisco

This morning we had to get up really early to get our flight from LA to San Francisco. We flew SouthWest for all our flights on Contiki and they were pretty good – it was a bit of a strange system, no assigned seating, so you just sat wherever you could on the plane. And you could also have two checked bags, which some people took advantage of later on in the tour.

As per usual, our first day in San Francisco was basically made up of a city tour. We drove across the Bay Bridge and stopped off at Pier 39.

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So much to see and do, so little time.

Less than 6 weeks until I’m in the sunny USA and the plans for the trip are coming along quite nicely. Ideas are flying thick and fast on our Facebook page for our Contiki group. Everyone has so many different ideas about what they want to do – it’s hard to keep up sometimes!

There are a few things that I definitely don’t want to miss on this trip, so here is a quick run down of just a few things I’m most excited about!

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