Photo Gallery

To finish up my posts about my trip, I thought I’d add a gallery of some of the hundreds of photos I took while on the trip. I’m no expert photography by a long shot, so these are your standard tourist point&shoot photos but I think they’ll still fire up the wanderlust.

(Click on a photo to bring up the slideshow)

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Best of USA – Los Angeles Day 1

All right, so as promised, I am doing to update this blog with some posts about my trip last year. To recap, I did a Contiki – Best of USA, which encompassed Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York. I then spent a week back in my old home-town of Orlando.

Los Angeles was the first stop on the tour.Β Our hotel was Hotel Figueroa. The hotel, built in 1925 and apparently haunted, is a quirky Spanish/Mediterranean boutique hotel.

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So much to see and do, so little time.

Less than 6 weeks until I’m in the sunny USA and the plans for the trip are coming along quite nicely. Ideas are flying thick and fast on our Facebook page for our Contiki group. Everyone has so many different ideas about what they want to do – it’s hard to keep up sometimes!

There are a few things that I definitely don’t want to miss on this trip, so here is a quick run down of just a few things I’m most excited about!

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