6 days…

6 days and counting.. it kind of hit me today that I’m actually going so soon! Although it won’t really feel real until I’m checked in and waiting to board the plane.

I probably won’t post again before I go and whilst on my tour, I’m not expecting to have time to write full blog posts for each day of my tour, so I’ll probably do what I did the last two times and write everything up and upload my photos once I’m back home – I’m carrying a travel journal with me though and planning to at least write in that every day so I don’t forget what I did each day!

For those following me, I’ll try and update my facebook page and this blog every few days with short updates and I’ll definitely be uploading photos to instagram too, so follow me there if you don’t already!


Kiwi Girl Gone is now .com!

I’m very excited to announce that I have upgraded Kiwi Girl Gone from a simple wordpress blog to kiwigirlgone.com! I’ve re-branded my instagram and created a Facebook page and Youtube channel for my shiny new website as well.

The decision came after reading numerous other travel blogs – they’re all so professional and I wanted my blog to be the same. I’m passionate about travel and really want to step up my game in terms of my blog.

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