The Longest Flight in the World

In January, (about two weeks after I wrote my post about booking flight) Emirates announced that they would start offering a non-stop flight between Auckland and Dubai. The flight from Auckland to Dubai, at 17 hours, 15 minutes would be the longest flight in the world (until the airline begins offering it’s 17 hour, 35 minute flights to Panama towards the end of March.. which will then eventually be eclipsed by Qatar’s propose 18 hour flight between Doha and Auckland).

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Kitekite Falls

Living in Auckland is kind of great. We have awesome beaches and a rainforest full of walks, streams and waterfalls right in our backyard.

Today I venture out with my family to see one of Auckland’s most famous waterfalls – the Kitekite falls.

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Summer in the City

I’ve lived in Auckland my entire life – all 26 years of it, and it’s safe to say I love this city.

My friend from Perth was on a cruise that was docking in Auckland for a day and I caught up with her to show her some of the sites. It was a great opportunity to be a tourist in my own city and to try out my new Sony Action Cam (HDR-AS20) that I plan to take to Europe!

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