About Jess

My name is Jessica and I’m just a kiwi girl who was bitten by the travel bug – hard.

I got my first real taste of travel after I finished university and headed to Orlando, Florida to spend six months working at the Walt Disney World Resort. I worked at Magic Kingdom as a Vacation Planner, meeting people from all across the world and making life-long friends.

I travelled to the Bahamas on a cruise during this trip as well as seeing some sights in Los Angeles and Miami, and really getting to know everything that Orlando has to offer – from the family-friendly parks to the nightlife in Downtown Orlando.

I’m always planning the next trip, and the next trip after that, and the next trip after that. I’ve used my passport every year since 2011 and don’t plan on breaking the streak. I work in a office job but only to fuel my travel dreams..

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