Day 12 – Florence to Sorrento

Tuesday 20th September

Today was a long driving day – departing at 9am for Sorrento from our hotel in Florence. The drive would take about 8 hours with a few short stops at service stations along the way.

The drive to Sorrento was really beautiful- we drove along the coast and the views were stunning!

We finally made it to our hostel in Sorrento – Sisters Hostel. This was a really nice hostel and the views from our room were amazing!


This hostel had big rooms, and we all had single beds so no bunks! The bathroom was nice and they had one of the best breakfasts we had on the tour (scrambled eggs!).

After checking in to the hostel, and having an hour or so to get ready, it was back on the coach for to head to our optional Bay of Naples feast. We drove for about half an hour into the hills overlooking Mt Vesuvius and the bay of Naples.

The dinner was delicious – and the restaurant had stunning views (although my camera didn’t do a very good job of capturing the views at nighttime).


We had a four course meal, including some delicious pasta dishes and sea bass, which is something the region is apparently quite famous for.

After the meal was over, it was back on the bus for the drive back to the hostel.

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