Day 4 in London

Wednesday 7th September

Today I woke up finally over the jetlag! I managed to sleep in for a bit then had a late breakfast. I had no set plans for the day so I decided to catch the bus over to Oxford Street to do some shopping. As I’d already caught the bus to Oxford street a few days ago, I already knew exactly which bus to get on and the buses in London come so frequently, I didn’t have to wait long.

My first stop at Oxford Street was Sports Direct – wow, so many shoes. Nikes were cheaper than at home so I sent a few snapchats to my boyfriend Michael to see if he wanted me to get him any shoes (he did). I also got a few t-shirts before heading across the road to Boots (a giant pharmacy). I went a bit crazy here buying makeup and shampoos and stuff. After these two stops, my shopping bags were so heavy I could hardly carry them so I decided to jump back on the bus to my hotel to drop off my shopping.

For lunch I went to my new favourite place in London – Pret a Manger – a natural food store that you can find on almost every corner in London. They make amazing sandwiches and salads and the yummiest victoria sponge cake with cream and jam – I think I went to Pret every day I spent in London!

After lunch, I headed back to Oxford Street for some more shopping then I came back to the hotel again. By this point in the day, it was so hot – about 27 degrees and I was sick of walking around in the heat. My hotel was just down the road from Russell Square so I wandered down there with my book. I had a gelato then lay down on the grass and read my book for an hour or two – it was really perfect being in a quiet park in the middle of a busy city just chilling out.

To finish the day, I got fish & chips for dinner (something I had to have before leaving London) then headed back to my hotel for a relaxed evening watching Netflix.

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