The Longest Flight in the World

In January, (about two weeks after I wrote my post about booking flight) Emirates announced that they would start offering a non-stop flight between Auckland and Dubai. The flight from Auckland to Dubai, at 17 hours, 15 minutes would be the longest flight in the world (until the airline begins offering it’s 17 hour, 35 minute flights to Panama towards the end of March.. which will then eventually be eclipsed by Qatar’s propose 18 hour flight between Doha and Auckland).

With the announcement, Emirates also said that they would offer any passengers booked on an indirect flight the chance to change to the direct flight at no extra cost. Initially, I wasn’t going to change – the thought of nearly 18 hours crammed into Economy sounded awful and I was really keen on flying on the A380 (the direct flight is on a Boeing 777-200LR). However, after receiving a call from an Emirates staff member last week, I started re-thinking my decision. Spending an extra 3 hours on board without the stop would cut about 3 hours off my total travel time (which was over 30 hours initially). So I spoke to my friend Jason, who is travelling on the same flight as me to London and we agreed to switch.

Switching flights with Emirates was a breeze! I called their help centre and within 10 minutes, I was emailed my brand new itinerary and could choose my seats.

The flight to Dubai from Auckland is a night flight so I’m hoping I will be able to spend the majority of the long flight sleeping (I’ve got a window seat so I won’t be disturbed by people wanting to get past me!) and hopefully it’s a smooth flight. The longest flight I’ve been on was 14 hours so 17 hours shouldn’t be too much worse than that!

6 months to go!

2 thoughts on “The Longest Flight in the World

  1. Faye says:

    Cool, I contemplated on flying Emirates to Europe in the past. However, looking at their seat map, they cram 10 seats abreast on the 777-200 so I went with Qatar as they fly the same configuration plane with 9 seats abreast.

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