Kitekite Falls

Living in Auckland is kind of great. We have awesome beaches and a rainforest full of walks, streams and waterfalls right in our backyard.

Today I venture out with my family to see one of Auckland’s most famous waterfalls – the Kitekite falls.

The walk to the falls is approximately an hours drive from Auckland city. You head towards the infamous Piha beach and turn off at Glenesk Road – you follow this road to the end where there is a car park.

The Kitekite track to the falls is about a 45 minute round trip and it’s fairly easy going with a few stairs and a bit of a hill towards the falls. The falls themselves are just stunning – there are six drops into a large lake-type pool which is great for swimming. You can also hike up to the top of the falls but this is a bit more challenging.

Today it was nearly 30 degrees in Auckland so the falls were quite busy. I would have loved to jump in but skipped it this time. I’ll have to venture out again one day when less people are about.

The walk to the falls is beautiful as you follow the stream along most of the way. It’s so peaceful and really makes you appreciate living in a country like New Zealand.




Check out my video!


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