Flights to Europe

Booking flights is, in my opinion, one of the most stressful parts of planning travel. There are so many airlines to consider and routes and prices.. and then you have to decide if a fare looks good – do you go ahead and book it or wait to see if it drops? What if it goes up? I hate it!

I’ve spent the last month or so looking at flights. Originally, I planned to fly to Singapore and have a 2 night layover there and then fly back from Amsterdam. However plans change and I realise that I probably can’t really afford to spend time in Singapore (which sucks, but that’s a destination for another time!). Then I decided that rather than flying out of Amsterdam, I’d finish the Contiki back in London and fly out from there. Mostly, the reason for this is that I can store my carry-on suitcase at the Royal National Hotel while I’m on my Europe Quest tour (as the suitcase is too big to take on tour).

So, I started looking at return flights to London. I had my heart set on flying with Air NZ.. mostly because I get airpoints and was hoping to get enough for free flights somewhere next year haha. But the fares were over $3000 and the Air NZ sale for New Years didn’t include the UK/Europe. So I expanded my search and landed on a fare with Emirates for $2438. A lot of people I know love Emirates so after checking with my boss to ensure I’d get the time off work.. I booked it!

I have a layover in Australia each way, along with a layover in Dubai. Two stops is hard to deal with but for that price I can put up with it haha. I get a 4 hour layover in Dubai on the way there and 2 and a half on the way back. I’m really hoping that during the 4 hour layover I’ll have enough time to get out of the airport to visit Dubai Mall and have a look at the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. The mall is only 15 minutes from the airport but that is without traffic.. and I’ve read that Dubai airport is also very busy. But I’m praying I have at least an hour or two to get out of the airport to see at least a glimpse of Dubai (you can’t say you’ve been to a country unless you leave the airport in my opinion haha!)

With flights booked, there’s not too much left to organise. I need to book a night in London at the end of the tour (we get back at approx. 6.30pm so it was not smart to try and book a flight on the same day) and the Harry Potter Studio Tour and buy a few things (like travel adapters etc). I’ve re-done my budget for the year and if I stick to it I should have enough spending money so now it’s just to wait until September!


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