Contiki Europe

I am currently planning a trip to Europe with Contiki and my planning process includes reading as many reviews of Contiki Europe from past travellers as possible.

I’ve come across this amazing, honest review of a European Contiki and I just had to share it!

I will post over the weekend about my Europe plan but in the meantime I highly recommend anyone thinking about a Europe Contiki to visit the below website!

4 thoughts on “Contiki Europe

  1. I went through it – its a good, honest review. I guess if you’re into the “Highschool Musical” atmosphere, OK with long bus rides, have a wad of cash, are short on time, don’t mind your trip laid out for you, can manage bad food for a few weeks and want to gobble as much “tick marks” as possible on your “been there done that” list, its the right thing to do.

    On the other hand, if you want to experience what Europe is like, and have a bit more time on your hands, I’d say skip the organized madness of Contiki and its likes and go on your own. Europe is too big and diverse to cover in a couple of weeks, and especially when you’re young there are limitless opportunities to spend a bit more time travelling (like volunteering or going on an exchange programme).

  2. I am short on time and do like my trip planned out for me. In my opinion, as a girl travelling on my own, Contiki (and similar tours) are the easiest way to see a lot of Europe in a short space of time for a decent price. If I had more time and someone to travel with, I’d love to spend a long time in Europe and do it at my own pace (for instance, I’d love to travel by rail throughout Europe).
    I know people have different opinions on Contiki and each to their own, but personally, I think it’s a hassle free way to travel. I’m not a party person and am definitely more interested in seeing the sights than drinking myself into a hangover but I’m determined to go in with a good attitude and make the most of it!

    • That’s just the thing. I think that on tours like these, you’re not seeing Europe, you’re seeing what you could have seen in Europe. Most of your time you will be on a bus. It’s like going to New Zealand for 3 days, spending one day in Auckland on arrival, one day on the North Island, and one day on the South Island.

      For the price your are paying you could spend three times longer in Europe. It’s of course your money, not mine, and your trip, not mine. I hope you will find the time and company to do it at a more leisurely pace someday.

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