Review: Hawaiian Airlines

First, I must start this post with a disclaimer; this is not a paid review in any way. I chose to fly Hawaiian Airlines on my most recent trip to the states as they were the cheapest and I also paid to upgrade to ‘Extra Comfort’.

On my most recent trip, I had a total of four flights with Hawaiian Airlines. Auckland to Honolulu, Honolulu to New York, New York to Honolulu, Honolulu to Auckland. As these were all long flights (averaging 9 hours for each flight), we decided to pay the extra $100 per flight to upgrade to ‘Extra Comfort‘ class. Extra comfort gets you a set in a special section of the cabin, just behind first class. The seats have a lot more legroom, priority boarding, upgraded meals, an entertainment pack and a pillow/blanket for your flight. International flights also include a comfort pack and access to the premium movies.

We definitely noticed the difference between the international and domestic flights – the complimentary entertainment pack does leave a lot to be desired – the selection of movies is few and unexciting and the tv shows only seemed to have 3 episodes. For a 9-10 hour flight, I definitely missed having the premium movies that were available on the international flight! (These movies were available on the domestic flight for a fee).

The food on Hawaiian Airlines is some of the best I’ve had on a plane. Some of the food we had included chicken with rice and salad, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, pineapple cheesecake, frittata with sausage, penne bolognese and meatballs and rice. I had no complaints with the food and found the amount of food we were given during the flight was adequate for the flight length.

Β Β 
The best thing about Hawaiian Airlines, in my opinion though, is their baggage allowance! Because our flights were booked as a return flight, this classified all our flights as international, meaning we did not have to pay for bags (as you have to on domestic flights). We were allowed one carry-on bag, and two checked bags with a weight allowance of 32kg per bag. Now this is fantastic, especially for people who like to shop (like me!). I definitely took advantage of this, and used up my full allowance. This feature is what makes Hawaiian stand apart from other airlines when flying to Hawaii.

Overall, I found Hawaiian Airlines to be a great airline. We had no issues with checking in or with the service during the flights. Hawaiian Airlines often have deals, especially when flying to Honolulu from Auckland so for the price, they are definitely a good option.

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