New York to Hawaii

This morning we were up early to catch the 7.30am shuttle from our hotel to JFK. Our flight to Honolulu was at 10am and I wanted to make sure we had enough time to get through security. Checking in was really straight-forward using Hawaiian Airlines self-service check-in kiosk. We grabbed our boarding passes, tagged our bags and dropped them off at the bag-drop counter.

Security in American airports always seems to take forever and it’s so intimidating! I always stress out and only calm down when I’m actually at the gate waiting to board.

Our flight from JFK to Honolulu was nearly 10 hours. I love travelling but I definitely hate long flights. We flew Extra Comfort class as we had on the way over, but because this was a domestic flight, we didn’t have the premium movies included for free on this flight, which sucked because the complimentary choices aren’t great. I watched a couple of movies though and eventually we landed in Honolulu. The view of Oahu from the plane was just beautiful – the water is so blue!

Β Β 
We landed and were greeted with a fresh flower lei each from our shuttle service. We used Roberts HawaiiΒ for our airport shuttle service – it was $15.00 per person and seemed like the easiest way. Once we had collected our bags, we were on our way to our hotel (Hilton Waikiki Beach) to check-in and meet up with Mum and Dad.

The Hilton hotel is really nice – such an improvement from the hotels we had been staying at during out Contiki! I ended up staying in Mum’s room and Dad and Matt roomed together. Mum and Dad had been upgraded to an ocean-view room on the 8th floor and the view was pretty nice, even though the hotel is not beach-front, and you can see Diamond Head to the left as well.

After showering, we headed out to grab dinner as we were all starving. We headed over to Duke’s to grab a seat in the Barefoot Bar – it was packed, so many people everywhere. We were really lucky, and managed to nab a table that some people were leaving from, so we didn’t have to wait long. The food at Duke’s was really good, as were the cocktails. I had a Lava Flow which was some coconut/strawberry concoction. It was pretty delicious.

We ended our night with Duke’s special dessert – Hula Pie. I shared the pie with mum and it was massive – we couldn’t even finish it! The Hula Pie has a chocolate cookie crust, macadamia nut ice cream, hot fudge, toasted macadamia nuts and whipped cream… yum!

After dinner we had a quick look around the main street before heading back to the hotel to crash after a super long day.


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