Today was a free day in Montreal and because nothing was planned, I took the opportunity to sleep in and take my time getting ready for the day. There was an optional craft-beer tour that was happening today, but as I’m not a beer drinker, I didn’t go on it (it was about $50 for a 3 hour tour. The people that did the tour said it was really good though).

After I had gotten up and gotten ready for the day, I posted on our Contiki Facebook page to see what everyone else was up to. I agreed to meet up with some people at Montreal’s underground city and headed out to the Metro.

The hotel that we stayed at isn’t actually in Montreal; rather, it’s located in Longueuil which is about a 15 minute metro ride from downtown Montreal. I found some other people from Contiki at the metro stop so went along with them to the underground city.

The underground city in Montreal is insane. It’s the largest underground complex in the world and is made up of a bunch of different segments and malls. We got off the metro at the McGill stop which leads straight into the Eaton Centre at the underground city. The place is HUGE and to make it even more confusing, everything is in French. (Of course, being in Quebec, we are in French Canada. I knew they spoke French in Montreal, but I somehow thought that it was mostly English with some French here and there. NOPE. It’s totally all in French, no English – even McDonalds is all in French, and not everyone speaks English. So it takes some getting used to. If I ever come back to Montreal, I want to make sure I can speak some French!)

It took me a long time to find an exit to get back up to the street so that I could meet up with Tom, Rachelle and Sophie. Then, when I did get to the street, I had no idea where I was. Google maps wasn’t working, and the map that our Contiki guide gave us was pretty bad – I couldn’t even find the street I was on on the map. After frantically messaging Rachelle and Tom, I randomly came across Charlie and Court who were sitting in a Subway down a side-street. I was so relieved – it’s stressful being lost in a new city where you don’t speak the language!

Charlie, Court and I headed back underground to look at the shops. We ended up only staying for a short time before deciding to head back to the hotel as we were all pretty tired. There was Laser Tag organised for the group tonight and a bunch of people had also decided to go Ice Skating but by the time I had come back to the hotel, I couldn’t be bothered catching the Metro all the way back to the city.

I ended up getting Maccas and staying in the hotel room watching Netflix all afternoon and evening. There was a concert or something going on near the hotel which had fireworks, which was a nice end to the evening. It was nice just chilling out in the hotel, although it was a shame that I couldn’t get to see more of Montreal.

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