Today was our free day in Boston, but we started off with an included walking tour of Harvard. We had an early included breakfast (nothing special, just cereals and bagels) and then we were on the coach at 8.30am to head over to Harvard.

Once at Harvard we met up with our guide – Emily (at least, I think that was her name.. I can’t really remember!). She was a senior at Harvard and was telling us that she wanted to be a Psychologist, but to do this, she had to complete a four year bachelors and then a 6 year PhD. Did I mention that Harvard costs $62,000 per year?! So that is a heck of a lot of money over 10 years!

The Harvard campus is really beautiful as well as historic – it’s the oldest institution of higher learning in the states, founded in 1636. We walked through the grounds and saw some dorms where famous alumni have lived, such as Matt Damon.






We also saw the ‘statue of three lies’ which is the third-most photographed statue in America. The statue of John Harvard is called the statue of three lies because there are three things about the statue that are incorrect – the inscription reads “John Harvard, Founder, 1638”. John Harvard actually wasn’t a founder, but a benefactor. Harvard was also not founded in 1638 but in 1636. Finally, the statue is not actually a depiction of John Harvard because when they came to create the statue, they discovered there were no photos left of John Harvard!


After seeing most of the campus, we ended our tour in the Harvard store, where of course we all had to buy lots of Harvard things, including T-Shirts and Hoodies – so we could pretend we were Harvard students haha! After this, we headed back to the coach for our drop off at the Boston water front. It was lunchtime, so we took some recommendations from our driver Frank and headed over to Legal Seafood to try some of Boston’s great seafood. I had a crispy fish sandwich and it was pretty delicious!

A few of us headed off towards Boston’s Freedom Trail. The trail is a 2.5mile route around the city that leads you to 16 of Boston’s historical sites.






We didn’t plan to walk the whole trail as it would take too long. We walked half of it and ended up in Boston’s Public Gardens, which was beautiful. We found a squirrel and it was so cute!




It was so hot today – about 35degrees celcius, and it was just killer! So we didn’t stay too long in the gardens before deciding to head back to the hotel to chill for a while before we were heading out on our last night. James and Frank had organised for us to go to a Red Sox game at Fenway park. I had been to a baseball game before at Yankee Stadium and didn’t enjoy it, but I was excited to go to Fenway Park. We loaded up on Red Sox gear before settling in for the game. It was so much fun! We were singing and dancing and having a great time. The 3 hour game just flew by. The game was tied so went into the 10th inning – unfortunately, the Sox lost and the Toronto Blue Jays won, but it was still a great way to end our Contiki.

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