Ottawa to Montreal

The drive from Ottawa to Montreal was a short one – only 2 hours. I fell asleep on the drive.

Our first stop in Montreal was Mont Royal – the highest peak in Montreal. Mont Royal is a beautiful park designed by the same guy who designed Central Park in New York City.

The view from the top of Montreal was quite beautiful  

After spending about half an hour at Mont Royal, we got back on the coach to drive to our next stop at the port of Montreal. Because it’s Labor Weekend, there were so many people everywhere and there was a food truck festival as well.

The first thing we did at the port was have our official Contiki group photo taken by a professional photographer.

We were so hungry by then that we hit up the food trucks. I had poutine and it was so delicious – so much better than the one I had in Toronto!! But Montreal is known for poutine.

Even though I was really full after the poutine, I had to try a cookie ice cream sandwich from another food truck. Soft chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream – it was heaven. It was so good I ate it all before I remembered to take a photo!

After all that food, we all felt sleepy so we chilled under some trees for an hour before meeting back up with the group for our jet boat ride.

It was so hot in Montreal, much hotter than I expected! So I was definitely looking forward to cooling off out on the water. At the jet boat place, we got our life jackets on and were given big ponchos to wear and then headed out in the boat. We drove about 10 minutes to the Lachine Rapids on the St Lawrence river. The rapids were awesome and really big. The first one we hit sent a huge wave over the boat and from that moment on, we were completely drenched. I knew we were going to get wet but I didn’t expect that we would be totally wet, like jumping in the river fully clothed! It was so much fun, with everyone screaming and laughing – it was the best optional on the Contiki trip and I highly recommend it!

After we had dried off and changed it was about 4pm and time to head to our hotel. We are staying in Longuiel, which is across the river from Montreal. The hotel is pretty nice, with comfy beds.

We didn’t have long at the hotel to shower before it was back out to meet up with the group for our included dinner. We had to catch the metro and it was crazy busy (turns out that there was a one direction concert and the color run on tonight). We made it to dinner which was another three course meal and was really nice (the Contiki included dinners on this trip have all been so good).

After dinner, there was a big night planned for those that were keen. I went along to the first place which was called Foonzo (I think). It was this dimly lit bar but was because they had all sorts of games and also Nintendo. A group of us sat down to play Cards Against Humanity, which I had never played before. It was so funny and really fun. We stayed at this place for a couple of hours and then a few of us decided to head back to the hotel, while everyone else headed to a nightclub.

Tomorrow, we can sleep in!

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