Today it was on to a new destination – Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. It was a fairly long drive to Ottawa but we broke it up with a few stops.

Our first stop was the big apple – it’s basically a store that sells everything apple. Apple pies, apple turnovers, Apple crumble, Apple donuts.. You get the idea.

A few of the group had a pie eating contest with our tour manager James. It was hilarious – hands behind your back, face first. It was a good laugh.

After another hour drive, we stopped for lunch in Kingston. It was a fast-food Mecca, but I was excited because they had Taco Bell! I love Taco Bell and it’s the first time on this trip that I’d seen it. It was good.

The drive to Ottawa from the lunch stop was about 2 hours, but we passed the time by playing that game where you have a name on your head and you ask questions to figure out who you are. 2 hours felt like nothing and before we knew it, we were in Ottawa. We did a quick loop around the city before being dropped off at Ottawa’s parliament building for a tour.

The building is beautiful – it feels like you’re looking at a building in Europe. The inside of the building is also really beautiful with lots of sculpture and portraits.

After learning all we could about Canadian government and parliament, it was time to check into our hotel (Days Inn). It was a pretty average hotel – we’ve definitely stayed at much nicer on tour.

After chilling out and having a shower, our group reconvened for our included dinner at the Senate. It was a sports bar and the food was good – I had a bacon cheeseburger.

After dinner, we hit up a stand for an iconic Canadian dessert – a beaver tail! Our awesome driver Frank highly recommended them. You could get all sorts of toppings like chocolate, Oreos and maple butter. I had apple and cinnamon. It was good but I was so full from dinner that I couldn’t even eat it all.


Everyone was keen for an early night tonight because the next day we were headed to Montreal!

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