NYC Day 2

We had an early wake up call this morning as we had our 9/11 memorial museum tickets booked for 9am. If you plan on visiting the museum, I highly recommend the 9am slot – it’s the first slot and it’s great because for the first half hour there is almost no-one in the museum and you can really see everything without people getting in the way.

The museum is breath-taking and just an incredibly moving place. It brought me to tears on multiple occasions. There are displays about the terrorists, the victims and the heroic men and women who assisted on the day and after wards. The part that really got me were the recorded answer machine messages from some of the people in the tower, telling loved ones that a plane had hit.  It was the last time these families heard from them, which I found really moving. The amount of detail in the museum was just astounding and it’s truly something that I think everyone should do while in New York.

We spent about 2 hours in the museum because we had to leave to make our scheduled time at One World Observatory. I definitely could have spent longer at the museum though – there is just so much to see and read while in there. I think I could easily have spent a full day in there. Being there at opening was also the best way to go as we could see so much more with no one in our way.


After the museum, we headed over to One World Trade. One World Observatory is amazing. The lift has a really cool display and then once you reach the 100th floor they play a short film which ends with the screen lifting to show the incredible views. It’s definitely a ‘wow’ moment. The views from One World are incredible – you can see the whole of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey.   

After we’d finished at the observatory, we walked over to Brooklyn Bridge. We didn’t walk across the whole thing because it was really hot and it was making me feel ill. We still had the use of our Big Bus pass, so we jumped on the loop to take us back to Times Square so that we could switch over to the uptown loop. This took us all the way around Central Park and through Harlem. We saw where lots of celebrities live during this tour. I didn’t take any photos on my phone on this tour so I can’t add any, but it was a good tour nonetheless.

After a long day out, we headed back to our hotel because we had our Contiki Check-In. It was a very brief meeting so we didn’t get to meet everyone yet. We have to be at the bus at 7.30am to head to Philadelphia so it will be another early morning tomorrow!

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