Halfway to New York

I’m currently sitting at Honolulu Airport, waiting for our next flight to New York City. Our first flight was delayed by 30 minutes and then again by another 45 minutes so we had a very long time to wait before leaving Auckland!

The flight was pretty smooth and I managed to get a few hours sleep, even if it was very uncomfortable! Apparently even in ‘extra comfort’ it’s uncomfortable to sleep on a plane.

We were given a snack shortly after take off – apple slices, a yummy cake and a meat sandwich – and then were served breakfast before landing. The food was pretty good for airline food!Β 
Honolulu airport is a bit crazy and I’m worried that our bags won’t make it to New York with us! They just told us to drop our bags with a pile of other bags then go get our boarding pass… So I’m praying they get there!

We’re currently chilling in the Plumeria Lounge. It’s pretty nice and probably good if you had a very long layover. We’ve only got an hour (after the delay and going through customs and security) so it probably wasn’t worth the price for us. There are snacks (chocolates, cookies etc) and beverages but no buffet or showers which is unfortunate.Β 
The next post will probably be after our first full day in New York!

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