First Leg

So I am currently sitting at Auckland Airport at our departure gate waiting to board our flight for the first leg of our long journey to New York! Our flight has been delayed by 30 minutes so it’s a bit longer that we have to wait.. Approximately 2 hours until we can board. At least we get priority boarding being on extra comfort.

It’s been a very long day today waiting to get to the airport! Guess that’s what happens when you fly at midnight haha.

I checked us in online earlier today so all we had to do at the airport was drop our bags and get our boarding passes. We’ve also booked in to the Plumeria Lounge at Honolulu Airport.. It was quite pricey ($60nzd) so I was a little hesitant, particularly cos we won’t have much time to spend there, but it’s my brother’s first long haul flight and he wanted to go there so we booked it.

I’m feeling very sleepy and I’m sure I will have no trouble sleeping on this flight… At least I hope so!Β Β 

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