Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown now! I’ve finished my last day at work for 4 whole weeks and now all I have to worry about is packing my suitcase!

I even went out today and got my nails done for my trip (yes, I’m one of those girls haha!) But they look great so I’m very happy!

It’s now just two more nights until we go! Since our flight is at 12.15am, technically we don’t fly out until Wednesday, but we’ll have to be at the airport on Tuesday night. We’re flying Hawaiian Airlines and have paid a little extra to get ‘Extra Comfort‘ which gets you extra legroom, priority boarding, a nicer meal and the entertainment pack. I think it was only $100 to upgrade and seeing as our total flight time is over 18 hours (with a four hour stop over in Honolulu), I think it will definitely be worth it!

During our four hour stop over, we’re hoping to get a pass to enter Hawaiian Airline’s Plumeria LoungeΒ – here we’ll be able to use wi-fi and take advantage of the complimentary food on offer. The passes are available for $40 during check-in, subject to availability. I’ll put up a review if we do manage to get in.

Tomorrow I’m planning to pack everything and then it’ll just be any last minute things to put in on Tuesday.

2 more sleeps!

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