Kiwi Girl Gone is now .com!

I’m very excited to announce that I have upgraded Kiwi Girl Gone from a simple wordpress blog to! I’ve re-branded my instagram and created a Facebook page and Youtube channel for my shiny new website as well.

The decision came after reading numerous other travel blogs – they’re all so professional and I wanted my blog to be the same. I’m passionate about travel and really want to step up my game in terms of my blog.

With my next trip just over a week away, I think upgrading to a .com will give me the motivation to keep up to date with my blog whilst on the road, as well as keep it going when I get back (and start planning my next trip).

Maybe one day people will pay me to travel and write about the experiences (hello dream job!).

For now, as this is just starting out – please like my facebook page and follow me on Instagram. This trip, I’m going to start videoing as well so that I can create great youtube videos to accompany my posts as well.hand-painted-woman-with-a-suitcase_23-2147518625

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