Fun in America

It’s now less than 6 weeks until my brother and I are off on our American/Canadian adventure and it’s time to book some of the activities we are going to do outside of Contiki.

With only 2 days in New York City prior to the start of our Contiki, we are really limited as to what we’ll be able to do – especially as our first day in New York starts at 7.00am after two 9-hour flights! Yup, we land in New York at 7.00am and we wont be wasting any time in seeing as much as we can. To get from JFK Airport to our hotel in Chelsea, we’ve pre-booked a private car with Dial 7ย because it seemed easier than a taxi and we like to have a set fare. Everywhere on the web says don’t even bother with a shared shuttle in NYC so we are listening!

For our two days in NYC, we’ve booked a two-day ticket with Big Bus Tours. This company has some really good reviews online and does some good loops of the city. You can hop on/hop off with these tours too which is a nice feature. A bonus of booking the two-day ticket is that you also get a free 1-hour river cruise. This is what we are planning to do on our first day in NYC along with a visit to Times Square. We’ll also probably do one or both of the loops without hopping off, just to get a good overview of the city (especially for my brother who has never been to NYC).Our second day in NYC is going to be pretty jam-packed. We’ve booked the first slot at 9am to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum and then are going up to the One World Observatory. You also have to reserve a time to visit the observatory, so it pays to book in advance. One World Trade was being built when I was in New York last year so I am excited to see the city from so high up.ย After this, we plan to head over and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, so we’re definitely going to make time for this. I’m so excited to go back to New York (I’ve been dreaming I’m there already!)ย I really wish we had of booked for more nights in New York, but oh well!The other place we are visiting without Contiki is Hawaii! We are only there for 4 days and are meeting up with our parents. Because none of us have been to Hawaii before, we’re going to do a tour of Oahu whilst there. There are so many companies that offer tours of the island, but we’ve chosen Oahu Nature Tours – specifically the 6 hour ‘North Shore and Circle Island‘ tour. It will be a nice overview of Oahu and hopefully we will get to see some turtles!

The rest of our activities will be part of Contiki and we haven’t yet got our documents to see what will be available.


4 thoughts on “Fun in America

  1. I have yet to book anything in New York! I feel that there is just so much to do that I’m getting confused with what I should do! Haha. I should take your advice and start to pre book some stuff. The big bus tour looks like a good idea, I might do that as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • New York is amazing, I’m so sad I’m only there for 2 nights this time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There is SO much to see and do! I’d definitely recommend booking things in advance, especially the 9/11 memorial if you go because it can sell out in advance. Top of the Rock is really good if you’ve never been to NY before!

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