The depressing side of travelling

I absolutely love travelling – the actual travelling, dreaming about travelling, planning travel.. all of it. But there is one thing I absolutely HATE about it – exchange rates. The New Zealand dollar is typically not very strong against most major currencies, but recently, it’s dropped a lot which makes it even more expensive to travel.

When I went to the states last year, the NZ Dollar was buying .88 US Dollars. 8 months later and that has now dropped to .66 USD. I exchanged $3,000NZD today and got a measly $1,992USD. It’s not just the US Dollar that’s so low either – the Pound and Euro rates are more than depressing; .40 and.60 respectively.

I desperately want to go to Europe one day but having to save up double the amount you want to exchange makes it less appealing. Our dollar almost hit parity with the Australian dollar earlier this year and even this has now dropped back to .87.

Our dollar buys .83 Canadian Dollars, so my plan is to do as much shopping as possible during our short stay in Toronto (Eaton Centre here we come!).

To top this all off, our Reserve Bank still thinks our dollar is “unsustainable and unjustifiable” so I’m sure this means we can expect it to drop even further.

Sorry for the crazy rant, it just drives me crazy! It already costs us more to travel due to New Zealand being as far away from the rest of the world as possible so having to deal with crappy exchange rates just worsens the deal.

*Disclaimer: yes, I realise this is totally a first world problem.

5 thoughts on “The depressing side of travelling

  1. I hear you!! And I’ve been complaining about this to anyone and everyone who will listen. No one really cares as no one else seems to be travelling, but I’m heading to the states next month and then I’m off to the UK and Europe afterwards. Exchanging my money has made me so depressed 😦 I can’t believe how little I got! How are you going about money when you go overseas? Are you just bringing cash, or using a travel card etc and exchanging your money over now?

    • I read your blog, I’m so jealous, your trip sounds like it will be amazing! I can’t wait to read about your adventures πŸ™‚ Exchanging money is so depressing right?! I bring cash and then the majority on a travel card (I use Air NZ’s OneSmart card)

      • Oh awesome, I’m using their card too! I only fear that I’ll loose it and be stuck with no money. Eek! I wish you were able to get 2x cards 😦

  2. Reblogged this on thepassportprincess and commented:
    Just read this blog and I’m in the exact same boat. Currently the NZ Dollar is .65 US Cents. That’s the general exchange rate, but once you go to your bank or whatever and exchange it it ends up being about .63c 😦
    I guess travel ends up being more special if you save so much for it. But still, this is so depressing!

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