Next Trip!

About a month after I had been home from my trip, the travel bug started kicking in again and I started thinking about how much I wanted to go back to the states and also to Canada.

I mentioned this to my family and my brother said that he also wanted to go to Canada and that was all I needed to hear to start planning. Originally, we planned on doing two Contiki tours which would cover both sides of Canada and a bit of the US as well. But, this was going to cost far more than I would be able to afford so soon after my last big trip. So we settled on just one trip – Eastern Escapade.

eastern-escapade-map-600x600It’s a 13 day tour, starting and finishing in New York City. We’re flying in 2 days before the tour, so will be able to see a few things. Of course, this will be my second time in New York, but my brother has never been to America before so everything will be new for him.

We’re flying Hawaiian Airlines because the flights were so cheap! On the way home, we’re extending our stop over in Hawaii by four nights. Mum and Dad are going to be in Hawaii at the same time so we’ll be able to meet up with them and all of us will fly back to New Zealand together.

It’s going to be a great trip. We fly out on August 26th and get back on September 15th.

I’m most looking forward to seeing Washington DC (Smithsonian Museum!), Niagra Falls and Montreal. I’m also excited to visit Hawaii because so many people I know have been and absolutely love it.

Now the countdown is on! 3 months and 2 days.

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