Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Diagon Alley was probably the thing I was most excited about on this trip! I had been following the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion since it was announced, and after visiting Hogsmeade/Hogwarts in 2011 and I was so excited to go back and see Diagon Alley!

The package deal that we had for Universal Studios included Early Access to Diagon Alley, as well as breakfast at The Leaky Couldron and The Three Broomsticks. Having early access meant we were able to get into Diagon Alley an hour before the park opened to the public which was great – it wasn’t very crowded and there was almost no line at the flagship attraction – Escape from Gringotts. This ride was so great – similar to The Foridden Journey, but somehow slightly better. The walkthrough queue was also awesome – the goblins were so life like! Of course, seeing the dragon breathing fire on the top was just perfect as well.




IMG_1569I was amazed at the amount of detail they had put into Diagon Alley – and the inclusion of Knockturn alley was a nice touch. Of course, I had to get my Butterbeer fix as well!








IMG_1562Out the front of Diagon Alley is London. You can see the Knight Bus and Grimmauld Place with Kreacher peering through the window.



IMG_1572After we had finished exploring Diagon Alley, we decided to head over to Platform 9 3/4 to catch the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade Station. The Hogwarts Express was incredible! The ride experience is just so good! Here’s a tip – it’s a different experience in both directions, so you have to ride from Kings Cross Station to Hogsmeade and back again.





IMG_1586Because I had been to Hogsmeade before, I didn’t take that many photos, but it’s just as good as it was when I visited three years earlier.




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