Busch Gardens

When we booked our vacation package through Universal, we also booked tickets to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Busch Gardens is about 1 and a half hours away from Orlando, but when you pre-purchase a ticket, you can book in on a complimentary shuttle to the park which picks you up from Universal Studios. This was super handy for us staying at Hard Rock Hotel.

Unfortunately for us, the day we picked to go to Busch Gardens, it rained. It poured and poured with rain. To top if off, by the time we got to the park, I felt so sick. So much so that I wanted to turn around and go back to Orlando, but the problem with taking a shuttle is that you are stuck there until the shuttle comes back at the end of the day to pick you up. And a taxi would have cost hundreds (literally) so I had to tough it out.

After sitting for a while, I felt up to going for a walk around the park. The park itself is really nice, and it’s such a shame the weather was so terrible! The only good thing about the weather was that there wasn’t many people in the park so lines for the rides were quite short.







IMG_1637After walking around the park, I was starting to feel a lot better, so we decided it was time to go on some rides. I avoided Sheikra – I am way to scared of heights for that thing. My favourite ride was Cheetah Hunt but Montu was also pretty awesome! We also rode the now-closed wooden rollercoaster, Gwazi. It was the first wooden coaster I had been on, and man it was rickety and bumpy! I can see why they closed it.



IMG_1644To finish off our day, we rode the Skyride from the back of the park to the front. This gave us a great view of the animals that we couldn’t see from the ground.





IMG_1653Busch Gardens is a really nice park, but I would only recommend it to thrill seekers. With everything on offer in Orlando, I’m not sure that I would call it a ‘must-do’ if you were visiting Orlando.


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