Day 12 – New York City

Today our tour was going to see two of the most iconic things in New York City – the Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 Memorial.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty was something that was included in our Contiki tour which is pretty cool. We caught the subway down to the ferry across to Liberty Island. Getting on to the ferry was kind of crazy – you go through security checkpoints like at the airport.. they scan your bags and you go through a metal detector. It’s quite intense!

The view of Manhattan from the ferry across to the island is magnificent. And the weather was stunning. Once on Liberty Island, we were free to roam at our leisure. We had the option of going up to the base of the statue, but I wasn’t feeling up for a walk up lots of stairs, so Kellie and I decided to head around the bottom of the statue instead. Seeing the statue in person is pretty amazing – it’s so iconic and of course I’d seen it so many time in movies etc, but in person it’s pretty breathtaking!





IMG_1457After our time on Liberty Island, we headed to the 9/11 Memorial. Seeing the memorial was very sobering and was quite emotional, even for someone who was so far away from the tragedy. The memorial, with it’s twin reflecting pools, is very beautiful and well-done. It was very sad to see the names on the memorial, as well as the flowers and notes that families had left. We didn’t have time to visit the Museum, although it is something I would like to go back and see one day. We also saw World Trade 1 (still in construction phase), which was mind-blowing in how tall it was.




IMG_1469We had free time after we finished at the Memorial, so some of the girls and I decided to hit up Times Square to do some shopping. Times Square is insane – so many people! Not my kind of thing to be honest, but the shopping was good!



We finished the night on Broadway – seeing The Lion King! The show was amazing! Just so so good, better than I imagined. I definitely recommend seeing it, it’s unbeatable.

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