Day 10 & 11 – New York

Day 10 was a long day of travelling. We had a layover in St Louis before continuing on to New York. We flew in over the sparkling lights of New York City. It was pretty late by the time we got to our hotel in Manhattan – a few people headed over to see Times Square but the girls and I were hungry, so we hit up Maccas and then crashed.

IMG_3760Day 11 we started off our time in New York with a city tour. It was September 11 (and the anniversary of 9/11) so it was quite surreal being in the city on such an important day. We were originally supposed to visit the 9/11 Memorial but were unable to due to memorial events taking place.

We drove past The Dakota – where John Lennon was shot. We then stopped at some church (can’t remember the name, or why it’s important – but we stopped there anyway).


The Dakota


IMG_1322Our next stop was Rockefeller Centre – so I had to get a photo of the ’30 Rockefeller Plaza’ sign.



Next we drove through Times Square before stopping at Grand Central Terminal. We stopped here for lunch (I would never have guessed that a Train Station would have so many restaurants!). Β We also had a go in the Whispering Gallery – it actually worked too!



IMG_1359After our tour of the city, those of us who had chosen to do the New York Helicopter Tour were dropped off while the rest were taken back to the hotel. I originally wasn’t going to do the NY Chopper, but after how great the Grand Canyon one was, I decided I couldn’t miss it. It was a very short flight, and due to restrictions, we couldn’t actually fly over the city – so we flew up the river and back. We did see nice views of Manhattan and of the Statue of Liberty, however in my honest opinion, I don’t think this was worth the price and I probably wouldn’t recommend it for someone doing the Contiki (or maybe I was just expecting too much after the Grand Canyon!)




IMG_3796To finish off a very long day, we decided to go to the 9/11 Yankees Memorial game. It was one of the must-do things while in America – see a Baseball game, and where better than Yankee Stadium. This was something that we organised outside of Contiki. We attempted to catch the Subway to the Stadium.. but somehow ended up on a train and not the subway, which meant we had to pay extra because it wasn’t covered by our Metro pass (duh!). The atmosphere at the game was pretty cool, and I got a Yankee shirt to prove I’d been haha, but we found the game a bit long and boring and ended up leaving before it ended.




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