Day 5 – Part 1 – Alcatraz

I’m gonna break this post into two parts, because I did a lot on this day!

The first part is going to be about Alcatraz. This is not something that Contiki offers, so we had to book this well in advance (you have to book for the specific day and the specific time and it usually books out weeks in advance). We booked our tickets through Alcatraz Cruises – it’s the only official website to book tickets through. We booked the Early Bird tour so that we would have time to do something else on the same day.

Most of our Contiki Group had booked the same tour, but there were a few that unfortunately missed out.

The boat ride across to Alcatraz Island offered some good views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as Alcatraz.





When we arrived at Alcatraz, we were welcomed by an ex-prisoner. He told us about the history of the prison and of his experiences there. Then we walked up to the entrance of the prison, where we were given our audio tours. The audio tours were great – so informative and interesting and they let you explore at your own pace because you could pause them at any time. We learnt about famous prisoners, like Al Capone, the Alcatraz Siege and famous escape attempts. Alcatraz was fascinating and a must-do for any San Francisco visitor – I’d highly recommend it!










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