Day 4 – San Francisco

This morning we had to get up really early to get our flight from LA to San Francisco. We flew SouthWest for all our flights on Contiki and they were pretty good – it was a bit of a strange system, no assigned seating, so you just sat wherever you could on the plane. And you could also have two checked bags, which some people took advantage of later on in the tour.

As per usual, our first day in San Francisco was basically made up of a city tour. We drove across the Bay Bridge and stopped off at Pier 39.



IMG_0767I think at Pier 39 I was most excited to see the Sea Lions. Turns out they weren’t that interesting, and they smelt pretty bad.


IMG_0775We discovered some cool stores on Pier 39 though.. best being The Candy Baron and Chocolate Heaven (with the tagline ‘Greatest Chocolate Store in The World’). Barrels of candy and chocolate.. it was so good!




IMG_0763After we had finished our stop at Pier 39, it was off to the one and only Golden Gate Bridge. We got to drive across it, and then stopped at the lookout on the other side to take photos. It was super windy and pretty cold at the lookout, but the views of the city and bridge were pretty awesome.




contiki san fran


GoldengateWe finished off our first night in San Fran with an included dinner at Tad’s Steakhouse.

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