Blog Updates

I’ve been trying to update the layout of this blog so that it makes more sense – i.e currently, all the posts were on the homepage and were in reverse order.

What I’ve now done, is set up a Best of USA page which shows all of these posts in Chronological order, which makes it a bit easier to read. You can find this under my side bar to the left.

Hopefully, when I start making posts about my next trip, I’ll be able to set it up the same way so that there will be more than one option in that menu.

Hope that makes sense!

One thought on “Blog Updates

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi my name is Lisa. I was originally planning to do the Topdeck version of Contiki’s Best of USA tour however the Top deck tour isn’t guaranteed for take off in September. I’ll most likely go with Contiki for best of USA. Would you recommend this tour? Was it value for money? What was the included food like? Also were the hotels quiet? Thanks in advance. 😊

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