So a quick update – last week I found out from Keri that she was no longer able to come on the trip. So that kind of sucked. Luckily, being on a Contiki, it’s really no big deal to go alone – 90% of travellers on Contiki travel solo and I’ve already gotten to know quite a few people on the tour on our Facebook group. I just hope that I’m roomed up with someone that I end up getting along with – nothing worse than having to share a room with someone you don’t like (especially when it comes to sharing a bathroom), so fingers crossed it all works out okay.

The week in Orlando on the other hand was something I didn’t really look forward to doing alone. I have a few friends in Orlando, so that would have been okay, but the thought of having to eat meals alone, and experiencing all the theme parks alone just didn’t sound fun at all (I spent two days at Disneyland by myself, and it was lonely! Just not the same when you are by yourself) SO, lacking any other friends to come with me (especially at such short notice), I convinced my dad to fly over and meet me in Orlando for the last week.

We booked his flights last week and luckily were able to change the reservations with Disney and Universal Studios. So it’s all good to go! Dad has never been to America before so I’m quite excited to show him around Orlando!

I started packing today 😛 15 days to go!

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