So much to see and do, so little time.

Less than 6 weeks until I’m in the sunny USA and the plans for the trip are coming along quite nicely. Ideas are flying thick and fast on our Facebook page for our Contiki group. Everyone has so many different ideas about what they want to do – it’s hard to keep up sometimes!

There are a few things that I definitely don’t want to miss on this trip, so here is a quick run down of just a few things I’m most excited about!

1. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

I’ve wanted to visit San Diego Zoo for years. Who doesn’t love a good zoo? And San Diego Zoo is supposed to be one of the best. They have animals I haven’t even heard of! We are doing a day trip from Los Angeles to San Diego Zoo through Viator. It will be a long day but so worth it, I can’t wait!

2. California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Science

This is an ‘optional’ activity available on our Contiki tour. And when I first saw the word ‘science’ I immediately thought no. However, when I actually looked into it, I realised how much I did want to visit! It looks so cool! Rainforests, Aquariams and a huge albino Crocodile.. all set amongst Golden Gate Park (which I wanted to see anyway). Should be very interesting!

3. Grand Celebration Helicopter Tour

Grand Celebration

This is another optional activity on the Contiki, and is the only way we are able to get to the Grand Canyon while on tour. While I am quite certain I’m going to be terrified going up in a helicopter, I know it will be absolutely amazing, so I’m just going to face my fears and do it! You get to land in the canyon itself!

4. Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet

Voted the best buffet in all of Las Vegas, this buffet boasts over 500 dishes at each meal. The buffet is located at Caesar’s Palace and I am keen to visit! Although one of the most expensive buffets in Vegas, Keri and I think it will definitely be worth it!

5. Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

Big songs, big dreams, big hair. Need I say more? One of my favourite films, I’ve definitely gotta see this show! Reviews are really good, and the show is meant to be one great party. Raunchier than the movie, and apparently the storyline is a bit different.. I’m keen to see the stage show for sure.

6. The Lion King

The Lion King

If there was one Broadway show we have to see, it’s The Lion King. There’s not much to say about this – the show speaks for it self. The reviews are amazing and as big Disney fans, it’s something we just won’t be able to miss.

Of course, there are lots of other things we will be doing that I’m super excited about (Disneyland anyone? Not to mention the whole week in Orlando!).

41 days to go!

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